General/Installation Feedback Received Regarding STIX Fonts

Last Date Responses Were Added to this Page: 16 November 2007

Comment: For those of us who don't mess with fonts very often, it would be helpful to include a bit more information on how to install fonts than "Do what your operating system requires to install them", especially since Windows Help isn't very helpful about it unless you guess that you want to "Add" the font instead of "Install" the font, and at least on my system, clicking on the font file displays the font but doesn't offer a choice of installing it. (For Windows, it's Control Panel -> Fonts -> File -> Install New Font; Linux is presumably something easy and obvious.)

Related Comment: I don't know how to install the fonts (I have Vista on my computer). The readme file was no help.

Response: We were not sure how much information was needed, but we have received many similar comments. We will provide better instructions with the final production release and will try to develop installation information to post to the STIX Fonts web site. (16 November 2007)

Comment: Thanks for making this available. However, I need some instructions for installing on a Linux system. I put them into /usr/share/fonts/, but have not actually seen them. When you make them available for TeX/LaTeX, I will then be able to use them.

Response: See above Response. We will provide better instructions for Linux installation. The Fonts will be available for LaTeX use within a few months. (16 November 2007)

Comment: I was trying to re-package them for automatic installation in the OpenBSD operating system, but this issue will confront others doing similar work on other OSes. In order to verify that software/data being downloaded has not been tampered with, as well as to ensure that the list of files we will install is still correct, we routinely store a digest (md5, sha1, etc) of the archive contents. When the file changes, we expect that its file name will change as well. Obviously this is not yet an issue for the Beta, but when you go "live", please, please ensure that each different "generation" of the distribution file has a version number, like,, and so on. If you need a permanent filename for your JSP-based download, you can always create a symbolic link to the "latest" version as part of the build-the-archive process; there are well-known ways of doing this with Make, Ant, and other build tools. Just a little thing, but a big help to those of us that repackage software (and fonts) making it easier for end-users to install.

Response: We will add version numbers to the zip file for all future releases. (16 November 2007)

Comment: Navigation menu on your website isn't accessible without JS and even with JS enabled it doesn't always work.

Response: We have tried to correct this problem. Please let us know if you are still experiencing this type of problem. (16 November 2007)

Comment: My one suggestion is to provide TTF fonts for increased compatibility.

Response: Creating a TrueType Format (TTF) version of the STIX Fonts would add years and much cost to the project. OpenType is designed to allow either TTF or Type1 Format font files to work interchangeably. Unfortunately, not all applications have this ability at this time, but we hope they will before long, as OpenType support becomes more comprehensive and complete. (16 November 2007)

Comment: I was scanning the fonts glyph tables and noticed that


are both used to refer to two headed arrows. I was searching for a TWO HEADED arrow with tail and almost thought that it was missing (since its description was given as TWO-HEADED ...). Are the Unicode descriptions in the tables fixed, or can they be made uniform in how they refer to two-headed symbols?

Response: Unicode descriptions are fixed. Some unfortunate situations such as you describe do exist, but there is nothing the STIX Fonts can do about these.

Comment: Using Firefox on Win XP to view I was unable to see the submenus on

| About STIX Fonts | STIX Beta Test | ...

hence could not get to the page with the STIX fonts glyph tables. After clicking on the download button, the new page has submenus that work in Firefox. Is this a problem with my browser or with you main page?

Response: We believe that the problem you report has been fixed. Please let us know if you are still experiencing this type of problem. (16 November 2007)

Comment: There are several problems with the download:

1. The JavaScript function, which verifies e-mail addresses rejects ones with the `+' sign on the left -- such as the one I'm using.
2. The web-server identifies the as ``image/gif'':

Response: We believe that these two problems you report have been fixed. Please let us know if you are still experiencing these types of problem. (16 November 2007)

Comments: 3. The server does not provide the LastModified-header, which means, the downloaded file's timestamp reflects the time of the download, rather than the time, the file was originally created. This makes changes-tracking difficult.

4. As with all software, /versioned/ releases are best. For example: (if you must stay with MSDOS naming conventions).

5. To make /automatic/ installing of the fonts easier, the released files should be versioned (point 4.) and directly downloadable by command-line utilities such as fetch, wget, or curl.

Response: Thank you for this very good advice. We will try to implement it for all future releases. (16 November 2007)

Comment: It would be nice if the webpage had a FAQ - that included things like:

1) how to install fonts for various operating systems/distributions (or even just the ones the developers used) ie Windows XP, Vista, Mac OSX, Linux-Ubuntu, RedHat, etc

2) Describe any problems or workarounds likely encountered (i.e. after installing fonts on linux, firefox still says cannot find fonts)

I understand that you are not tech support, but if you would include any workarounds your team ran into, it would save potential users time from having to scour the net to find the answers.

Response: Thank you for this advice. We will attempt to create such a FAQ, but the group does not have experience with all of these OS "flavors," so we would welcome contributions from beta testers. (16 November 2007)

Comment: Hello, are the beta test fonts only free to use during the test period, ending on Dec 15th? Will we need to purchase them after that date?

Response: No, you won't. The STI Pub Group has developed these fonts to be free to all users for all time. (16 November 2007)

Comment: I looked through your website but didn't find a test page which shows off the immediate benefits of installing the Stix fonts and meanwhile confirms that they are really correctly installed. Did I miss it somewhere?

Response: Developing a test page as you describe is a good idea and we will try to do so.  (16 November 2007)