Final Steps

The following steps are in progress, and the first 10 steps must be completed before the beta version can be released. This chart will be updated on a weekly basis until the project is completed. There will be 32 delivery phases when the project is complete.

  1. Every submission of newly designed glyphs is being entered into a database. [complete]
  2. Perform an inventory to make sure everything has been delivered. [complete]
  3. A final glyph design consistency check will be performed. [In progress for all glyph ranges]
  4. Any final changes to designs or additional required glyphs will be requested from the designer. [complete]
  5. Type 1 glyph names will be finalized. [complete]
  6. TeX names will be created for all characters not previously identified for TeX. [complete]
  7. Metrics for text and math mode (side bearings and advance widths) and the kerning for non-math text will be corrected, if necessary.
  8. The remaining math metrics for TeX will be taken care of in TeX packaging. [Consultant being hired to do TeX packaging; target for beta test is August 2008]
  9. Any additional or revised hinting will be performed.
  10. Following the beta test (one – two months), a final release version will be prepared for release to vendors, publishers, researchers, and the general public. [In Progress]

NOTE: These fonts will sometimes contain multiple glyphs that look the same; for example in the italic font, there will be both a "Latin capital letter A" and a "Mathematical italic capital A". However, they will definitely have different glyph names/Unicodes, and they may have different metrics. Similarly, the "Mathematical italic capital A" will appear only in the regular italic font, not in upright or bold.