Software Application Feedback Received Regarding STIX Fonts

Last Date Responses Were Added to this Page: 16 November 2007

Comment: Running a Mac OS X 10.4.10. FontBook shows the standard fonts; the integrals, symbols etc simply do not display. Any suggestions?

Response: Try this: with STIXIntegrals selected, choose Repertoire under Preview on the menu bar. (16 November 2007)

Comment: I tested browser support (windows XP: Firefox, IE 7, Opera) with similar results in all three browsers. The quadruple integral displayed in all three browsers. The plane 1 alphabetic character did not display at all, FF displays 2 missing glyph boxes, IE shows 1 missing glyph box, and opera just shows white space. I am not able to tell at this stage whether this is user error (I have not specified a sufficiently large set of the STIX fonts in CSS?) or if this is due to lack of plane 1 support in the browsers, or if there is a problem with the unicode tables in the stix fonts, so I supply the small test file below, which I expect to render as



p {
font-family: STIXGeneral, STIXGeneral-Italic, STIXGeneral-Bold, STIXGeneral-BoldItalic;
<p>x2a0c &#x2a0c;</p>
<p>x1d400 &#x1d400;</p>

Response: 1D400 shows up using your sample file in Safari 3 and Firefox on (Mac) OS X. Strange. Maybe it's a windows problem? We will look further into this and welcome others to do the same. (16 November 2007)

Comment: When installing the fonts on OSX using FontBook, the StixRegular glyphs install fine: bold, italic, etc. None of the other glyph packages appears to install any glyphs; FontBook merely shows a blank screen. Is this expected behavior?

Response: Have you tried selecting Repertoire under the Preview menu? This will show a lot more even for the regular font. (16 November 2007)