Project Timeline

Spring 1995 Scientific and Technical Information Exchange (STIX) Fonts project proposed by Arie de Ruiter of Elsevier
1995 — 1996 Each STI Pub company assembles list of all required characters/glyphs
1997 American Mathematical Society accepts invitation to join STI Pub group and sponsor submission to Unicode of mathematical symbols and alphabets
February 1998 MathML released as proposed recommendation; documentation refers to STIX Fonts as being needed for full rendering support
May 1998 STIX math characters proposal submitted to Unicode
June 1999 Revised STIX math proposal submitted to Unicode
September 1999 Unicode accepts mathematical alphabet proposal
November 1999 STI Pub companies issue RFP to create STIX Fonts
February 2000 Unicode accepts mathematical symbols proposal
June 2000 MicroPress selected as font designer for STIX Fonts Project
April 2001 First monthly delivery from MicroPress (Math Fraktur and Ux0100 range)
April 2002 Unicode 3.2 released, containing most proposed STIX symbols and alphabets
September 2002 MicroPress delivers glyphs (math ranges Ux2900 and Ux2A00) that mark half-way point in design project
August 2003 STIX Fonts alpha test released for testing by STI Pub companies and selected software vendors
October 2003 Unicode 4.0 issued, incorporating additional STIX Fonts characters
September 2004 Submission database created to track submissions
April 2005 Initial submission review completed; request for final 506 glyphs submitted to MicroPress
May 2005 STIX Fonts TRC working group assigns tasks required for completion
July 2005 27th of planned 30 deliveries received from MicroPress
August 2005 28th delivery received from MicroPress
December 2005 29th delivery received from MicroPress
January 2006 30th delivery received from MicroPress
March 2006 31st delivery received from MicroPress
July 2006 32nd (Final) delivery received from MicroPress
August 2006 Build of OpenType beta test fontset begins
December 2006 Review of all submissions begins
June 2007 Design review completed
October 2007 Packaging for beta test completed
November 2007 Beta test of OpenType STIX Fonts begins
January 2008 Beta test of OpenType STIX Fonts ends
March 2008 Target for production release established
May 2010 STIX Fonts Version 1.0 released
October 2011 STIX Fonts Version 1.1.0-beta1 released
February 2012 STIX Fonts Version 1.1.0 released
February 2013 STIX Fonts Version 1.1.0-latex-beta released
May 2013 STIX Fonts Version 1.1.0-latex released
June 2013 STIX Fonts Version 1.1.1-word released
November 2013 STIX Fonts Version 1.1.1-webfonts released
December 2016 STIX Fonts Version 2.0.0 released
April 2018 STIX Fonts Version 2.0.0 Type 1 Postscript fonts released